How Enterprises Should Approach Link Building



There is a very big difference between an enterprise site and a regular one. The biggest of all is the size and scope of the focus. There needs to be more attention to detail for certain areas.

The structure needs to be different, so does the content. Some sites might require small content; thereby, reducing the links needed to build your business. Now with other sites, the content needs to be bigger and more immediate.

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This is not the only thing to keep in mind. Most enterprising sites must take into consideration how you wish to proceed with your link building. What are you looking to achieve?

Beyond all of this, there is a bigger picture that needs to be looked into. Below is a list of factors that need to have focus and attention


How big are you looking to build your brand? Is there a specific goal you have in mind? How much equity are you looking to build? Are you looking to make your brand just something short-term? Are you looking to still be relevant 20 years from now. This all needs to be considered with your link building. Trends come and go. Certain things that were relevant 10 years ago, are not so valid. Your links have to be consistent. Your links have to constantly speak to your changing brand.

If you are just a small enterprise, you really only need to focus a small portion of your time on this. If you are much larger, you need to put more focus and attention on it.


This is probably the most important thing you and your brand needs to focus on with your link building. Your content needs to be simple and sweet. It also needs to be relevant. As your brand changes, your content needs to reflect it. Your content also needs to come up in all the relevant searches, ahead of all others. This is why your link building has to be on the mark at all times.


Your brand must always have a positive light and energy around it. This also goes for your link building. If your links are attached to anything negative this will come up. This will also follow your brand around.

Your link building must also go outside of the local landscape. You have to have some sort of international plan in mind. Link building encompasses a large scope. This has to be consider when you place your brand with another link. Link building is all about attaching yourself to those that are similar to you. This way clients can find you more easily. This is why you have to keep things positive. Any negativity will ruin your brand and those attached to you.

Negativity can also ruin your chances in the international pool. Please this keep in mind when building your links. The smaller companies need only worry about this on a smaller scale. The larger your brand is, the more worry and concern you need to place on it.


1)Your strategy needs to hit all the marks; and yet, it still needs to be approachable at the same time. It’s good to dream big, but be realistic about the expectations too.

2)It’s always going to be quality over quantity. Your domains need to be secure. Your audience need to be wide and diverse.

3)Your KPI’s need to be concrete and up-to-date.

What you offer needs to be approachable for the other users. Your brand needs to be accessible and relevant. If you aren’t offering something others will buy, there is no way your link building and brand will be successful.



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