The bike which is made by wood gave the major collision of other companies bike

nice bike ever

Er. Ajay Bhardwaj

At first glance, the picture will surprise you with the same mind , a curiosity that Jagaagi what the hell ? Today the automobile companies to attract customers with new Khubion launch vehicles are the hand-made unique bike is challenging all vehicles somewhere .


Igorot tribes that make up the bike who live in the outskirts of the Philippines . The bike wooden carvings on which you can see different types . Igorot tribe, people and towns go , this bike is built for the race of each other put .


People visiting the Philippines to attract this kind of bike he saw himself not stop . When a particular sculpture that looks like a road bike , running it looks so feel that we have reached a different world.


In the beginning , using the ordinary -looking wood bike was made but gradually in the tribe was prepared by…

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