The world’s largest depot in India , there could be 1,000

In 1948, the Government of India , Gwalior and Northern India Transport Company Ltd. operates in the name of the acquired company , which was not able to work better . And the Delhi Transport Services (DTS) by the name decided to run . 16

DTC in the Kafile Tata Marcopolo buses . Tata Marcopolo India ‘s Tata Motors India is a joint venture of Brazil’s Marco Polo . New Delhi. Millennium Park in the national capital on the banks of Yamuna Depot is the largest in the world . It was built for the 2010 Commonwealth Games . Now the Delhi Transport Corporation ( DTC) buses are used to stand . More than 1000 buses can be parked together.60 -acre depot preparation of around 100 crore was spent . Millennium Park Depot has been in controversy over fears of environmental damage . 9

Israel is the second largest depot The world’s second largest bus depot is located in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv bottom . Its name is the New Central Bus Station . Melliam bus depot in 1993, making it quite old. Its area is 44 thousand square meters . Additionally , it is also the world’s busiest bus depot


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