Dragontrail™ X to be used on 2014 World Cup player benches

Dragontrail™ X is thin, highly transparent and durable. Utilizing these features, it was adopted as one of the key components of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Glass Roof for Player Benches. Dragontrail™ X, with eight times the surface strength of soda-lime glass, achieves outstanding impact resistance. A specialty glass for chemical strengthening featuring world-class strength, Dragontrail™ X will protect the players and staff while they’re sitting on the benches.


Dragontrail™ has already been used in 316 mobile device models, under 37 brands. Going forward, AGC aims to extend the applications to automobiles, housing and digital signage.


“We’re presenting Dragontrail™ X to the business customers in the mobile phone and touch-panel markets in Japan, as well as worldwide. Dragontrail™ has already been adopted as cover glass for most of the major brands. Since its launch at the beginning of this year, Dragontrail™ X has already been favorably received by various electronics manufacturers, and is expected to be marketed in the near future.”


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