Kevin & Bean Discuss The Best James Bond Themes

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With Specter, the 24th James Bond film, gearing up for its November 6th release date, rumors are swirling as to whose voice we’ll hear on the latest Bond theme song.

Adele’s Skyfall, for the previous film of the same name, was arguably one of the best ever! But, was it THE best? Will we hear Adele on a second Bond theme? Or will it go to someone new, such as Sam Smith or Bruno Mars?

The Kevin & Bean show duked it out with listeners this morning as they discussed some of the best James Bond theme songs of all time.

Bean was gunning for Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die, while Ralph went for the more sultry Goldfinger, by Shirley Bassey.

Well, what say you, fine listeners? A View To Kill? Diamonds Are Forever? Another Way To Die? For Your Eyes Only? The World Is Not Enough?

Regardless, can…

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